The Best Products of 2019 That I’m Bringing into 2020

As excited as I am for this new year, 2019 was such a great year for me! For a little life update: a few months ago, my long-term boyfriend and I moved to California together, I finished working on my first feature length film for Netflix, I spent amazing time with family for the holidays and much more!

2019 was great for movies, shows and the reason why we’re here, products! This was the year that I really took my skincare, wellness, sustainability and beauty seriously! With that being said, I wanted to share the products that I will continue to use this new year – even after my product clean out!

Let’s start with my favorite makeup product of the entire year. Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer. Guys, this stuff this my absolute favorite! I consider myself really not great at makeup. For some reason, I just can’t figure it out. But this bronzer is so easy and ends up looking flawless when you just need an extra boost on the face. I will continue to purchase this bronzer until I find something better – but that hasn’t happened yet!

image via Hey Dewy

For skincare, I still am holding onto my favorite products from Mario Badescu, Drunk Elephant, Dr. Dennis Gross, etc. that I’ve raved about in past posts – so I won’t repeat myself! But, I will let you know about my Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier. This was a Christmas gift that I have been using ever since I unwrapped it – I absolutely love it. It is not a facial steamer, it actually is more of a cold mist. I use it after a workout or a warm day, but I also love having it run in the bathroom when I’m doing my skincare routine or my makeup. It just adds an extra boost of hydration to your skin and is so cute & small & portable.

image via Baggu

If you guys haven’t read my post about my favorite sustainability products – check it out! I purposefully left out this product because I wanted to shine a bigger light on it. My Baggu bags are my very favorite. First off, they are adorable and second, we’re reducing our plastic use – yay! Baggu has such a range of designs for their reusable bags that I use for grocery store and farmer’s market trips! They are so spacious and have been my favorite for years now! Go get some to keep in your car – you won’t regret it!

image via Kush Queen

Now let’s dive into a couple wellness products that have helped me this past year. Some of you know that I work on a film set for sometimes 16 hours a day. My body pretty much constantly aches and nothing seemed to help. My boyfriend stopped at a wellness store after work one day and picked up a CBD bath bomb for me – and oh my goodness, perfect. It was from Kush Queen and not only smelled amazing, but really relieved the pain I was experiencing in my joints. I highly recommend checking it out if you have any sort of joint or muscle pain.

Last, but certainly not least, I became obsessed with another wellness product this past month actually that I can no longer picture my life without! I splurged and got a Theragun, you guys… This year, my boyfriend and I skipped Christmas presents and decided to take the leap and get a G3 Theragun to share (he has major back pain from corporate America life). If you’re not familiar, a Theragun is a high-powered massage gun that truly gets into any tight muscles or aches that come up. After sitting at my computer for hours, I get that little kink in my lower back – 2 minutes with this thing gets it right out! It definitely is pricey, but invest in yourself! We truly will get our money’s worth out of this thing!

Well, there you have it! I wanted to share some of the products that I loved during 2019. I of course have so many more skincare and wellness products that I fell in love with – but I tried to avoid repeating myself and wanted to talk about some things that I never have before! I hope this was helpful and that you learned about some new products to possibly try out this year! What were your cult-faves of 2019? Let me know in the comments down below!

My Go-To Beauty Products Available on Amazon

Available with the click of a button.

Summer is coming & this is the time of year that I am always super motivated to take care of myself. Exercise, diet, skin – I love to be on top of it all when the weather starts taking a turn for the better.

With new routines, comes some amazing products that I want to give a shoutout to. Look, everyone’s busy. We don’t have time to run to the store anytime we need something. Believe it or not, some of my favorite beauty products in my routine are available to purchase on Amazon – making my life that much easier.

Without further ado, let’s get into my go-to beauty products available on Amazon…
Ice Roller, ~$10

If you already aren’t on this bandwagon, jump on in! Having a ice roller at my disposal for the past few years has been a game changer in my morning routine. We all wake up a little puffy after a night of drinking, salty foods, etc. Keeping an ice roller like this in the freezer to use while you drink your morning coffee, celery juice or tea is the most refreshing thing you can do to start off your day. It reduces inflammation, especially near my jawline and under eyes. Definitely a tool I’ll never give up!

Facial Steamer, $30-$40

Yes – this looks a little dramatic to be sitting on your bathroom counter, but it’s what we do for beauty, ladies! You know how fresh and dewy your skin feels when you step out of a hot shower? You can achieve that feeling everyday with this easy tool. A facial steamer will easily become the most relaxing component to your routine. The warm steam opens up your pores to allow products, especially serums, to absorb deeper and better into your skin. Pop on a podcast, your favorite album, or just enjoy some peace and quiet & add this extra dimension to your skincare routine.

Facial Spatula, $5

I’ve talked about my love for a good facial spatula before, but I need you all to know there are very inexpensive options available on Amazon! I use my facial spatula to apply masks, moisturizers, scrubs, anything to my face and it applies the product evenly without getting my hands covered in that, sometimes expensive, product! It’s such a simple tool that you may have never thought that you needed, but it makes application and cleanup so easy that I recommend you adding it to your cart during your next Amazon spree.

Silicon Face Mask, $10

Ok trust me, I know what this looks like – terrifying. But if you’re an avid-wearer of sheet masks, this may look like another Tuesday night to you. Why might you need this, you ask? I was struggling applying moisturizers and serums to my face, and 2 minutes later it seemed like they evaporated from my skin. Poof, gone. I then had the idea to research to see if there was anything like this, a mask you could use to allow that product to fully sink in. Apply your favorite moisturizer, serum, cream to your skin & then wear this Silicon Face Mask overtop for as long as you’d like. It keeps your skin moist and makes sure your skin doesn’t dry out or not fully allow the products to sink in. Yes, you may look like a serial killer with this thing on – but it’s the price we pay.

As for actual skincare products on Amazon, I usually steer clear. I’ve ordered moisturizers, lip care, etc. in the past, and sometimes they come from a different seller/supplier – creating the chance that the product isn’t legitimate or safe for your skin. As for tools, eat your heart out! Always check the reviews and take some of my recommendations & really spice up your beauty routine. Of course, none of these are necessary for perfect skin. Use what works for you!

Until next time,

✩ February Favorites ✩

It feels like yesterday that I just shared my January favorites with you all. This month flew by! But, I still happened to fall in love with a few things within that short window and per usual, I feel the need to share.

This was the month that I finally got on top of things in my life: work, wellness, etc. I also have been experiencing extremely cold and windy weather, which I have not loved. My first product helped me get through that. Here are my February Favorites…

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

The only reason my lips have not completely fallen off of my face during these cold temperatures is my LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask. This product gives my lips the deepest hydration they’ve ever had and I haven’t had crusty lips since purchasing. It’s called a “sleeping mask” because it works great when used overnight, but I find myself using it during the daytime if I’m spending time outside. Must have.

OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam

I’ve been exercising a ton this month which has been great for my body but not so great for my hair. We all know we shouldn’t be washing our hair everyday, but sweaty & greasy hair is a no go. There are plenty of great and cheaper dry shampoo products out there, I have a ton! But I decided to try out the OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam because I thought it looked unique. I became obsessed the first time I used it and now I already need to run out and pick up another bottle. It’s the consistency of a mousse, but instantly sinks into your hair and absorbs the oils. I have no clue how it works, but it works for me!

Tesla High Frequency Current Facial

The 100% most life-changing discovery I made this month was the Tesla current. Guys, as you can see in the photos, I was struggling with some hormonal acne around my chin. Not even two days after this facial, my acne completely flattened out and essentially disappeared! The wand you see in the photo is where the current is administered & it delivers a non-painful “zap” to your problem areas, killing the bacteria below and around a zit. This facial also can reduce fine lines, decongest puffy eyes & reduce the appearance of under eye circles. The next time you’re seeing your esthetician, ask them about a high frequency facial! I’m addicted.

Bliss Mint Chip Mania Mask

Ok, if you have a sweet tooth, I found the perfect mask for you. I’ve been a fan of Bliss for quite some time now, but I just got around to trying their Mint Chip Mania mask and holy moly, I’m hooked. It literally looks & feels like ice cream and don’t even get me started on the smell. It contains aloe vera so it truly feels cool on the skin the entire time you have it on & it feels so good. The shea butter “chocolate chips” help exfoliate the skin when you wash it off and the skin is left smooth and refreshed. Cute sh*t like this keeps me going.


Like I mentioned in the introduction, I really have been trying to get on top of my fitness lately. I don’t love going to a gym and running on a treadmill for a half hour, it’s hard for me to get excited about it. That’s why I love taking fitness classes – you can’t slack off & they are designed to be fun and motivating. I’ve been going to CycleBar, a cycling studio, for a couple years now, but this month I went almost every other day. The instructors and music make for a great workout and I leave drenched in sweat every single class. Since cycling classes can be pretty pricey, I book classes through my Class Pass which allows me to get more for my money. Let’s hope this habit sticks through March as well!

Thank U, Next

You saw this one coming. Not only have I been a huge Ariana Grande for years now, she keeps pumping out amazing music lately and I can’t get enough. Her most recent album Thank U, Next has been on repeat ever since it dropped earlier this month. My favorite songs are “7 Rings,” “Needy,” “In My Head.” Please tell me you’ve been listening, too?

February was short, but sweet. These were a few of my current obsessions, I can’t wait to see what I get into this next month! What were some of your favorites this month? Share them down below!