Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him: Switch It Up This Year

A box of chocolates every year isn’t so cute 4 years in a row.

Alright, the big day is inching closer and closer and if you’re wanting to get something for your Valentine, you better get on that. Valentine’s Day isn’t all about the gifts, but I definitely get joy from giving something special to my significant other. This holiday usually puts emphasis on the man gifting to the woman, but let’s put in the same amount of effort ladies!

When I was in high school, a box of chocolates and a stuffed animal did the trick. As I grow older, I try more and more to find something for my man that is creative, personalized or something he would never go out and buy for himself. Either gift giving is your forte, or it’s not. I’m here to help you out if you’re struggling to find something perfect…

Booze Basket

You can’t go wrong with this, guys. If you’re above the drinking age and your significant other likes to try new things, this is the easiest gift ever. If they have been meaning to try a new whiskey, have a favorite higher-end alcohol or they’re always buying the bottle of wine, pick one up and pair it with a personalized glass from Things Remembered. Add and bow and you’ve got yourself a successful gift.

Go with the Trend

No matter how much he denies it, your man is interested in some of the latest fashion trends. For example, don’t let them tell you they don’t care about the new Adidas shirts or Yeezy drops. My boyfriend likes to wear nicer and more “trendier” clothing, but it’s not something he would go out and spend his money on. I love holidays because they give me an excuse to get him some pieces that I think would look great on him! Check out stores like Urban Outfitters, PacSun, or his favorite shop and start filling that cart.

Let’s get Personal

Urban Outfitters

You don’t have to always break the bank in order to give a good gift. Some of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received have been the form of a card, a scrapbook or a cheesy act of love. Speaking of cheesy, make sure your significant other knows how you feel about them! Whether you write them a cute letter, or you fill out a “What I love about you” book, don’t be afraid to be corny. This is the one day that it’s acceptable.

Create an Experience

Last, but certainly not least, get out and do something! Do you and your significant other love the same band/artist, love cooking or always want to be outdoors? Buy concert tickets, a cooking class or book a ski trip! Around every holiday, I browse online on Groupon or ticket websites to see if there is anything fun to do with my boyfriend! It gives you both something to look forward to and is usually unexpected!

If you’re scrambling to find something unique for your significant other for this upcoming week, I hope I helped you out! With that being said, anything you do for your partner is appreciated. Don’t feel pressured to drop major cash to show someone you care about them on Valentine’s Day. These are just some ideas in case you’ve been struggling to find something new!

Enjoy & happy Valentine’s week!

Discounted High-End Beauty Products Waiting For You At TJ Maxx

Beauty on a budget.

We all would love to try all of the expensive and luxurious beauty products on the market, but that pesky wallet usually gets in the way. Every time that I’m browsing the aisles of Sephora and Ulta, I could easily drop hundreds of dollars in a matter of minutes. Not all of us have an exorbitant (big word of the day) beauty budget, so I’m convinced that’s why they created the heaven that is TJ Maxx.

I’m sure you know that TJ Maxx is known for their discounted candles, kitchenware & purses, but their beauty selection is insane. Nowadays, if I’m dying to try a new product that’s in a higher price range, I always check to see if my local TJ Maxx has it in stock. More often than not, I find amazing and high-end products for nearly half the price. On my most recent trip, I found some killer finds that should have you running there now…

Clinique All About Eyes Serum $65, $39.99

Yes, I found a Clinique product for $25 off! If you’ve ever tried this brand, you know that it’s definitely worth the money. But if you can save a ton of money, double win. Also, eye products run major prices nowadays & I’ve been looking for a good deal. Who knew it was waiting for me at a TJ Maxx? Very excited about this one.

Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen $33, $19.99

Ladies, let’s talk. No matter what age you are, it’s time to start incorporating collagen into your life. It’s good for your joints and amazing for your skin. One of my favorite brands for collagen products is hands down Vital Proteins. I love pretty much everything they do, so when I saw Beauty Collagen (to make my favorite minty collagen water) for a major discount, I threw it in the cart. Shopping is way more fun at a bargain.

Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior $56, $19.99

Kate. Somerville. I am a huge fan of this brand and I’ve been dying to try this pink plumping mask so in the cart it went. Just like this instance, I love going to TJ Maxx and finding these higher priced products at a discount. So, I can test a bunch of products, instead of just splurging on one! Getting $30 off means you can spend that on more items, yay!

Drybar Double Standard $8, $4.99 & Drybar Detox $23, $9.99

If you’ve never tried a Drybar product for your hair, now is the time. I will rant and rave over their dry shampoo, but spending $23 on one always hurts a little. Seeing this brand at a discount is a surefire way to make a sale with me. TJ Maxx has a crazy variety of hair products that they sell, but this was one of the trendier items that I just couldn’t pass up.

Origins Three Part Harmony Eye Duo $70, $34.99

Origins for 50%? Alright, I’m calling the police. Origins has always been a brand that I’ve loved since I was little because it’s one of my mom’s go-to’s. But since it’s not drugstore price, it’s not something I usually reach for. The fact that TJ Maxx had it for 1/2 off blew my mind! Either they don’t understand the value of what they’re pricing or they’re miracle workers. You can decide.

First Aid Beauty Anti-Redness Serum $36, $12.99

I don’t know what the weather has been like in your neck of the woods, but the polar vortex that just came through last week caused some very unwanted redness in my skin. First Aid Beauty always comes in clutch whenever my skin goes through crazy dry stages, especially due to weather. They had a ton of products at my TJ Maxx but this one seemed most relevant in my life at the moment!

Makeup, makeup, makeup.

Although I didn’t dive into the makeup realm in this post, TJ Maxx has some amazing cosmetics brands and products. I always see Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, Buxom and Becca in Sephora, but I can buy it discounted? Count me in. No, TJ Maxx isn’t going to have the brand new line and collection. BUT, if you’re someone who is interested in a brand, being able to test and dive into their products at a discount is always a good idea.

So, you get the gist: TJ Maxx is the sh*t! Of course, not every single store will have the same exact products. But, knowing that they carry exciting and high-end beauty products for major discounts has me hooked. Next time you’re in a TJ Maxx, give the beauty section a glance. I love seeing what great brands I can find & how cheap I can get them for. What is your favorite TJ Maxx find of all time?

✩ January Favorites ✩

2019 is off to a good start.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love to test and try new products. Thinking about all of different things I’ve tried this past month, made this post very pertinent! Instead of droning on, let’s just get into some of my favorite things from January…

Face mask applicator

Yes, I am aware of how pretentious this sounds; but hear me out. For so long, my face mask “applicator” was my hands, plain & simple. This month, I decided to pick up a mask spatula and my life was forever changed. First of all, super satisfying. Second, it saves you the mess of washing (& wasting) a bunch of clay mask off of your hands every time you apply!

Celery juice

Next up is me fully admitting that I jumped head-first onto the bandwagon. I give full credit to fellow blogger All Day Pretty for turning me onto drinking celery juice every morning. Guys, this stuff works wonders. It lowers inflammation, reduces bloating, heals acne & truly flushes out your system. I’ve noticed that I’ve physically been feeling better ever since introducing this magical juice into my life. Break out your old dusty juicer or head to your local health food store and give it a try. Bottoms up!

Sugar Bear Hair

Ok, don’t judge me yet. You’ve seen this stuff all over your Instagram feed and maybe their advertising has worked on you as well. I used to think Sugar Bear Hair was another gimmick aimed towards millennials — until I tried it. Kylie Jenner was right, guys. This sh*t works (for me, at least.) If you don’t know, these are hair, skin & nails vitamins. I’ve always had short and brittle nails, like I would be embarrassed to get a manicure. After taking these the entire month of January, my nails have never been so long and healthy, EVER! Not to mention my hair has also grown rapidly as well! Obsessed.

Mario Badescu Skincare

I think after years of searching, I’ve finally found my go-to skincare company. Although I’ve been using Mario Badescu products for a while now, this month I’ve been using a ton of new stuff. I’ve been lucky to never have had horrible skin, but it does have it’s moments. I’ve found that their products like their Aloe Moisturizer, Seaweed Night Cream and all of their facial sprays have truly made a difference for my skin. Usually I like a skincare product because it just makes me feel good, but everything from this brand has actually been pumping out good results.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

I don’t know why I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with lip balms lately, it might be the recent below zero temperatures in Indiana. Anywho, I’ve officially found my favorite one I’ve ever tried. Even though I think they need a major packaging re-design, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lip balm has made it’s way into my product hall of fame. First of all, it’s literally the size of an oversized glue stick which I love because I never lose it. Second, it leaves my lips feeling moisturized all day. Perfection.

Well, there ya have it: my January favorites! Let me know you’re obsessed with any of these products as well!

Trader Joe’s Holy Grail Items You Need In Your Cart

Trader Joe’s is my Disneyland.

Here comes my most important post to date…

If you’re lucky enough to have a Trader Joe’s near you, you know exactly where I’m coming from. Trader Joe’s is truly one of my favorite places in the world. Yes, this is what my life has come to.

Yesterday, I took a trip to my happy place and picked up a few of my holy grail items and felt the need to share. Because Trader Joe’s has so many original products, that are so easy to get obsessed with, they keep me coming back for more and more. Sorry, bank account.

My first item is my favorite of all time. I’m sure you’ve seen this all over the internet; it’s been my obsession for years now! Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend is iconic, guys. If you’re a fan of everything bagels or just adding a crunch to your meal, you’ll die over this. I add it to my avocado toast, bagel & cream cheese and even my salads. I can’t get enough, get on the train!

Next up is my current obsession. Tamales, guys. Why did it take me so long to try these? It took me a minute to figure out how to properly eat a tamale (embarrassing), but now I’m a pro. Trader Joe’s has their own handmade tamales. I love the Vegetarian and Chicken & Green Chile ones with a burning passion. I would eat these every single day if I could, you need to check them out.

Speaking of Mexican cuisine, Trader Joe’s has the most bomb Salsa Verde. If you know me, you know I do not do well with spicy foods. Qdoba’s salsa verde is one of my favorite condiments ever, because it’s the perfect amount of heat for me. This salsa verde from TJ’s is literally as if they jarred up Qdoba’s magic sauce just for me. I add it to my tamales, salads, chicken or just straight up with tortilla chips. Can’t get enough.

Last, but definitely not least, Kung Pao Tempura Cauliflower. You don’t have to pretend like you’re not curious about the cauliflower trend, just jump on the wagon! I’ve tried cauliflower rice, buffalo cauliflower and even cauliflower pizza crust. But once I tried this meatless creation, I was hooked. If you’re a fan of Kung Pao or any Chinese food for that matter, give this a try. It takes exactly like chicken and it’s the perfect addition to any stir fry.

Well, there ya have it. I’m sorry for causing you to drop everything and head to Trader Joe’s tonight, it was only a matter of time. If you guys have any holy grail TJ products that I missed, please fill me in; add to my addiction!

How I Moved to LA Alone At 22

People thought I was crazy!

Yup, you read that right: I dropped everything, bit the bullet, and moved to Los Angeles all alone at 22 years old. A one way plane ticket and 2 suitcases was all I needed to start this amazing adventure.

To give some context to this crazy decision, I am a recent college graduate who works in the film industry. Before moving, I had a good amount of production experience in Indiana, but knew I needed to be in California to take it to the next level. So, that’s exactly what I did.

I worked all summer long at a Juice Bar to earn as much rent money as possible; I knew what I was getting myself into. That would be my biggest tidbit of advice – don’t go until you’re financially ready! Living in a place with an extremely high cost of living is NO fun if you run out of money after one rent payment.

ANYWHO – I pooled my graduation and summer job money, bought a plane ticket and booked an Airbnb and traveled 1,800 miles (with emotional support from my mom!). This is what I would suggest, if you’re moving somewhere completely new, try an Airbnb for a month or so. Los Angeles is so huge, that I didn’t exactly know where the best location would be for me was, yet. Having a temporary situation like that is a great safety net if you want to try out a new area.

Once my mom left after the weekend, I was all alone. I’ve always been a more independent person, so I wasn’t too worried but let me tell you – the loneliness hit HARD. You take your friends, family, and even your dog, for granted sometimes when you realize you can’t just meet up with them whenever you want. I reconnected with an old friend, met people through Facebook groups and work and I quickly had people to keep me company!

Living in Los Angeles, with the amazing weather and endless opportunities, is great, of course; but it definitely wasn’t easy. I wasn’t the special case where my parents paid for my rent, so I had to hustle hard. Working in the film industry is dicey because you’re mostly working freelance. I sometimes wouldn’t know if I was working on Tuesday until Monday night. I’m usually a planner, so I had to adopt a go with the flow attitude pretty fast.

If you want to move somewhere new to pursue a career or soothe that wanderlust, DO IT! As long as you prepare financially, socially, and have a hardworking attitude, you will figure it out! Like I suggested before, if you’re doing it all alone, start by renting an Airbnb or renting someone’s room until you find your best situation. Don’t let your age or anyone else’s opinion stop you, I sure didn’t.

We only live once people, take risks! Good luck out there, you got this.

Welcome To The Sh*t Show!

We all gotta start somewhere!

If anyone’s out there..

Hi! My name is Raychal. I’m starting Arrows + Attitude to have a platform to vent, share ideas and holy grail products and meet all of you bad a** people out there.

I’m a college graduate who works in the film industry and just needs an outlet to speak my mind. The industry in which I work in is very man-heavy. They don’t give a sh*t about my latest favorite eye serum, where my top is from, or the amazing crêpe I had over the weekend. But the internet does, yay!

As for the name, Arrows + Attitude pretty much encompasses me as a whole. I impulsively got a tattoo at 18 (shocking!) of an arrow on the back of my neck. An arrow means a lot to me because it represents always moving forward in life even when you get pulled back. And attitude, yeah that one speaks for itself. People have learned over time to not mess with me 🙂

I don’t claim to be a fashion icon, a skincare expert or a die-hard foodie, but I love to talk and share my experiences with others and I hope you’ll stick around for the ride!

Here we go!

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