Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him: Switch It Up This Year

A box of chocolates every year isn’t so cute 4 years in a row.

Alright, the big day is inching closer and closer and if you’re wanting to get something for your Valentine, you better get on that. Valentine’s Day isn’t all about the gifts, but I definitely get joy from giving something special to my significant other. This holiday usually puts emphasis on the man gifting to the woman, but let’s put in the same amount of effort ladies!

When I was in high school, a box of chocolates and a stuffed animal did the trick. As I grow older, I try more and more to find something for my man that is creative, personalized or something he would never go out and buy for himself. Either gift giving is your forte, or it’s not. I’m here to help you out if you’re struggling to find something perfect…

Booze Basket

You can’t go wrong with this, guys. If you’re above the drinking age and your significant other likes to try new things, this is the easiest gift ever. If they have been meaning to try a new whiskey, have a favorite higher-end alcohol or they’re always buying the bottle of wine, pick one up and pair it with a personalized glass from Things Remembered. Add and bow and you’ve got yourself a successful gift.

Go with the Trend

No matter how much he denies it, your man is interested in some of the latest fashion trends. For example, don’t let them tell you they don’t care about the new Adidas shirts or Yeezy drops. My boyfriend likes to wear nicer and more “trendier” clothing, but it’s not something he would go out and spend his money on. I love holidays because they give me an excuse to get him some pieces that I think would look great on him! Check out stores like Urban Outfitters, PacSun, or his favorite shop and start filling that cart.

Let’s get Personal

Urban Outfitters

You don’t have to always break the bank in order to give a good gift. Some of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received have been the form of a card, a scrapbook or a cheesy act of love. Speaking of cheesy, make sure your significant other knows how you feel about them! Whether you write them a cute letter, or you fill out a “What I love about you” book, don’t be afraid to be corny. This is the one day that it’s acceptable.

Create an Experience

Last, but certainly not least, get out and do something! Do you and your significant other love the same band/artist, love cooking or always want to be outdoors? Buy concert tickets, a cooking class or book a ski trip! Around every holiday, I browse online on Groupon or ticket websites to see if there is anything fun to do with my boyfriend! It gives you both something to look forward to and is usually unexpected!

If you’re scrambling to find something unique for your significant other for this upcoming week, I hope I helped you out! With that being said, anything you do for your partner is appreciated. Don’t feel pressured to drop major cash to show someone you care about them on Valentine’s Day. These are just some ideas in case you’ve been struggling to find something new!

Enjoy & happy Valentine’s week!

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