How I Moved to LA Alone At 22

People thought I was crazy!

Yup, you read that right: I dropped everything, bit the bullet, and moved to Los Angeles all alone at 22 years old. A one way plane ticket and 2 suitcases was all I needed to start this amazing adventure.

To give some context to this crazy decision, I am a recent college graduate who works in the film industry. Before moving, I had a good amount of production experience in Indiana, but knew I needed to be in California to take it to the next level. So, that’s exactly what I did.

I worked all summer long at a Juice Bar to earn as much rent money as possible; I knew what I was getting myself into. That would be my biggest tidbit of advice – don’t go until you’re financially ready! Living in a place with an extremely high cost of living is NO fun if you run out of money after one rent payment.

ANYWHO – I pooled my graduation and summer job money, bought a plane ticket and booked an Airbnb and traveled 1,800 miles (with emotional support from my mom!). This is what I would suggest, if you’re moving somewhere completely new, try an Airbnb for a month or so. Los Angeles is so huge, that I didn’t exactly know where the best location would be for me was, yet. Having a temporary situation like that is a great safety net if you want to try out a new area.

Once my mom left after the weekend, I was all alone. I’ve always been a more independent person, so I wasn’t too worried but let me tell you – the loneliness hit HARD. You take your friends, family, and even your dog, for granted sometimes when you realize you can’t just meet up with them whenever you want. I reconnected with an old friend, met people through Facebook groups and work and I quickly had people to keep me company!

Living in Los Angeles, with the amazing weather and endless opportunities, is great, of course; but it definitely wasn’t easy. I wasn’t the special case where my parents paid for my rent, so I had to hustle hard. Working in the film industry is dicey because you’re mostly working freelance. I sometimes wouldn’t know if I was working on Tuesday until Monday night. I’m usually a planner, so I had to adopt a go with the flow attitude pretty fast.

If you want to move somewhere new to pursue a career or soothe that wanderlust, DO IT! As long as you prepare financially, socially, and have a hardworking attitude, you will figure it out! Like I suggested before, if you’re doing it all alone, start by renting an Airbnb or renting someone’s room until you find your best situation. Don’t let your age or anyone else’s opinion stop you, I sure didn’t.

We only live once people, take risks! Good luck out there, you got this.

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